Computer services and the technology equipment:

1. Importing all types of computers such as: IBM, HP,Compaq.

2. Importing all types of colored and non-colored, dot matrix and fast lasers



3. Importing computers and accessories for special needs. And the


    equipping of training labs for this important group.

4. Importing of advance network equipment such as cables and connecting


    equipment from international companies using satellite and wireless means


    like WAN & LAN.

5. All types of programs for all uses like reservation and advanced payments.


    Also, administrative, financial and cost programs and others.




The area of security, inspection and mechanical control:


 1. Integrated systems for distribution and sales points using bar codes and


     credit cards.

 2. Importing and setting up the automatic equipment for entering and leaving


     the sites and company's offices for people and vehicles.

 3. Importing and setting up the equipment of attendance using finger prints


     and plastic smart cards.

 4. Importing and printing services on all types of plastic cards.

 5. Developing and studying factories using PLC.

 6. Importing and setting up security and inspection systems using cameras and


     recording equipment and security systems.

 7. Theft protection systems for stores, commercial centers and theaters etc.

 8. control equipment (scaela, distributed control systems )

 9. surveillance & security

 10. biometric

 11. atm,pos,barcode

 12. Studying and preparing solutions for companies and other sectors that


       desire security systems of specific requirements.



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